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As a genuine Northern European bodywear brand Friends has created underwear and socks of outstanding quality over the course of 25 years.

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Friends Underwear and Socks - Favourites of Millions

Friends underwear and socks are the preferred choice of many consumers already in nine European countries. We are grateful to our millions of fans who prefer our products each year. Superb quality and great fit are certainly the reasons to favour our products, as are the affordable prices of our underwear and socks. The design of our products has got a lot of positive feedback. We are truly grateful for the recognition of our cute children's underwear collections as well as the warm welcome and applause we earned at fashion shows in Paris and London. The fact that Friends products were selected as a fashion standard to the Trends Forum at the largest underwear fair in Europe is a proof of professional acknowledgement we have received for our designs.

Consumers have one more reason to prefer our products – all Friends products are an environmentally friendly choice. Read more about environmental sustainability below.

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Friends Products are an Environmentally Friendly Choice

High-quality clothes and accessories (incl. underpants, undershirts, socks) always offer a better consumer experience. Such clothes last much longer, their colours are stable, these products maintain their shape and they are comfortable to wear. High-quality products are the best choice to uphold environmental sustainability as they are durable and can be worn longer.

By year 2022, approximately 90% of our products will be manufactured at production sites that have been strictly certified to guarantee environmental sustainability. To ensure environmentally friendly production, such standards as IS0 14001, OEKO-TEX STeP, Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production (WRAP) and others, are applied.

We are eco

Friends High-quality Underwear and Socks

The consumers of our products have personal experience of the special quality and durability of Friends products! The quality of materials is one of the main factors that defines the quality of any product. Friends underwear and socks are produced from the best and high-quality materials, such as cotton, mercerized cotton, Merino wool, elastane, modal, nylon, etc. The underlying principle of our product development is that all our products must meet the requirements of the OEKO-TEX 100 standard. Products that meet this standard are safe for humans and their production process helps protect the environment. Our socks and underwear are manufactured in production units certified in accordance with the quality management standard ISO 9001.

Latest News

Friends Underwear Collection at London Fashion Week

Friends Underwear Collection at London Fashion Week

We showcased our new underwear collection ‘Oceanic’ at London Fashion Week. The men's briefs and trunks of this collection have nature, especially ocean inspired design. Golden beaches and the water, the magical element, of the ocean were also a source of inspiration for these designs.

Friends Received Reputable FairTrade Recognition

Friends Received Reputable FairTrade Recognition

Friends was recognised for creating and marketing FairTrade products. Our company has always considered important values supporting environmental sustainability and social responsibility. We are happy that our efforts to build a better world were noticed.

Friends Underwear and Socks at Paris Fair

Friends Underwear and Socks at Paris Fair

Friends presented its underwear and socks collections at Salon International de la Lingerie, the largest underwear fair in Europe. Our underwear collection presented during a runway show received a warm welcome. Many buyers from Europe and Asia visited the Friends booth.

Friends Underwear and Socks at Mode City Fashion Fair

Friends Underwear and Socks at Mode City Fashion Fair

Friends presented its new collection of underwear and socks at Mode City underwear fair. The design of Friends products received a very high professional acknowledgement – the underwear designed by us was chosen as a fashion standard to be added to the Trend Forum. Friends underwear models were also picked to be presented at the closing show of the fashion fair.

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